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Okay, there's been a lot of talk recently among friends of mine and myself about who our first female crush was and why. So I post this question here. Who was your first female crush?

A lot of my friends had their first ones on Angelina Jolie. Well, that's the first one they can recall anyways. Mine is a toss up between Solei Moon  Frye, Alyssa Milano or Vanna White. (I was 9 on the whole Vanna White thing). I think it was about the age of 11 I realized something wasn't quite right with me when I discovered that I much prefered looking at women more than men.

I honestly could not tell you why on Solei Moon Frye and Alyssa Milano, except the only reason I can figure out is that they were close to my age and I really didn't have friends close to my age and plus they were pretty. Vanna White, I think it was that whole older woman thing I find myself falling into now.

So, I'm just intrested in knowing who everyone's first girl crush was and why.


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