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First Poster; My name's Kate.

I'm bisexual. My boyfriend (Jon) and I have been going out for a year. I'm in love with him... And have a major crush on my best friend, Lindsay.  She has a boyfriend, but we often joke around about hooking up. Sometimes I can't tell if she's kidding or not.
adorable Haruhi X3

well well well then

First time poster ^^; My name is Dani, I'm 20, and I live in Montana. INORITE, it's lame!

So, I've had a girlcrush on my best friend since middle school XD
Her name is Lisa, and she always makes me laugh, makes me feel better, and makes me happy to be alive. We can have fun together when we're not even doing anything, that's how good of friends we are.
She's also quite gorgeous and has amazing fashion sense, as you can see behind the cut:
pic is this wayCollapse )

Too bad for me that she's got the most awesome boyfriend ever O:
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Hi everyone! I'm new too :P I have a total girl crush on this gal in my psychology class. I have never had that happen to me before with someone I've never met. She's so beautiful and has the longest wavy brown hair. Her style caught my attention first. She is kinda "70's esque" with a hint of scenester. You know, high waisted shorts, funky flats, vintage tees, bangles, & embroidered tanks. She's so lovely! It's so hard to tell if the girls you get crushes on are crushin' you back!
the world ends with you, frustrated


Hey, I'm new.
I have a really massive crush on my friend estelle... she's absolutely stunning, intelligent and looks kinda like bettie page.
The annoying thing is..... SHE'S STRAIGHT. Yup. She lives with her boyfriend.
I sure can pick 'em.

Some cheering up, please?

Ohoho, so here I am, tangled up in yet another girlcrush, but this time...I'm not sure if I want to keep it a crush or if I should try to proceed...
The subject of my young love is my dear friend Linn, one of the most creative persons there is. She will draw, sew or handcraft anything you wish, and she'll do it WELL! Last christmas, she gave me a handcrafted princess crown, it's so very beautiful I hardly dare to wear it...
I talked with Linn on the phone a few days ago, when she told me a sort-of-friend of ours's been hitting on her for quite some time. She herself wasn't interested at all in our friend, but when hearing this, I realized two things;

1. I was a bit jealous, and not the friend-jealousy, but that longing feeling in your chest jealousy gives you have when someone you love (meaning love-LOVE-Valentine-and-all-that-jazz) shows interest in someone else. Not that Linn did, but I was worried that she WOULD be interested in him.

2. Linn has no idea what a fantastic and amazing person she is. No idea at all.

So, what I thought I'd do was this; I'd write Linn a letter to tell her everything I love about her. But, as soon as I started, I realized that what I was writing was a LOVE letter, not a friend letter. I'm also having...those kinds of fantasies about her. I'm...somewhat scared that this isn't a crush anymore, even if I'm enjoying myself. *sigh* But she'd never agree to have a girlfriend, I'm sure.
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Girl Crushes

I just found this community and it seems to... well... set up around one of my principle interests which is other girls.

Lets see...

-I have a total crush on a girl who works at my university in the canteen of the student union. She's really cute. The nearest celebrity to the girl in the canteen is probably Hannah Blilie from the bands 'The Gossip' and 'Shoplifting'.
-Keira Knightly is always at the top of my Fantasy Island girls, sharing places with Natalie Portman (especially with the buzz cut, which was yummy).
-One of my lecturers is damn fine. I don't know how I got through the exams she was invigilating because she's really damn fine cherry pie.
-I never really had a crush, as in felt attracted to a woman that I used to know but I admired her. She was a roadie and that, as a career, rocks as far as I'm concerned. If I hadn't gone to university I would have gone to become a roadie. She was pretty cool.
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hmm...let me see.
i'm 17 and gay and i live in England.
i have an obsession with Brody Dalle of the distillers that borders on the unhealthy, i have a serious crush on my philosophy teacher (Lauren - aged 26) who is the most beautiful, intelligent woman i have ever met, i have a crush on this girl called becky in my philosophy class who is just as beautiful and intelligent but in different ways and i'm a little bit in love with one of my ex girlfriends.
everyone should love women.
women are beautiful and sexy and so incomparably better than men.
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This is the girl I have a crush on. She's talented, smart, mysterious, beautiful, caring, strokes your hair soft with a touch as an angel and always knows how to listen. She's got tons and tons of charisma, and almost everyone who meets her throw themselves to her feet, yet she is very modest. On top of that, she's one of my best friends. She lives quite far away from me (about three hours by car) so we can't meet that often, but I always sleep at her place whenever I come over. My heart races when we sleep in the same bed or when she smiles at me. Problem is, though, I don't want to risk our friendship for a crush. But hey, she's so much worth the effort and the actually not-at-all-that-painful angst. I love her, and I'm satisfied with just being able to be close to her <3
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