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Hey all,

I'm new to this community.

I felt like joining 'cause I went and saw the movie Red Eye last night, with my two best (girl) friends, and we were talking about how much we absolutely adore Rachel McAdams, and I (who has been familier with the term 'girlcrush' for awhile) mentioned that I have a girlcrush on Rachel. So they asked me what 'girlcrush' meant, and I was like, "A straight (well, not necessarily but me and my friends are all straight) having a crush on another straight (again not necessarily) girl.

So then they both agreed that they had a girlcrush on Rachel.

So I'll introduce myself by posting my top 3 famous girlcrushes.

1. Rachel McAdams
2. Mandy Moore
3. Alexis Bledel (more when she's plaing Becky in Sin City. Not so much as Rory.
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