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Girl Crushes

I just found this community and it seems to... well... set up around one of my principle interests which is other girls.

Lets see...

-I have a total crush on a girl who works at my university in the canteen of the student union. She's really cute. The nearest celebrity to the girl in the canteen is probably Hannah Blilie from the bands 'The Gossip' and 'Shoplifting'.
-Keira Knightly is always at the top of my Fantasy Island girls, sharing places with Natalie Portman (especially with the buzz cut, which was yummy).
-One of my lecturers is damn fine. I don't know how I got through the exams she was invigilating because she's really damn fine cherry pie.
-I never really had a crush, as in felt attracted to a woman that I used to know but I admired her. She was a roadie and that, as a career, rocks as far as I'm concerned. If I hadn't gone to university I would have gone to become a roadie. She was pretty cool.

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