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I have a crush...

Because all girls rock

Girlcrushes = *squee*
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Girlcrushes are a wonderful thing, no matter how you define yourself sexually. I mean...who wouldn't have a girlcrush?

In fact, all round, women are pretty amazing. So, in tribute, this community is about women who admire other women; for whatever reason. Heard a new song by an amazingly talented female artist? Tell us! Smiled at a cute girl on the subway? Tell us! Do you aspire to be just like your heroine? Tell us about her and why you want to be like her.

Basically...if you're appreciating a woman, from a woman's viewpoint, we want to know. Doesn't matter if she's famous, infamous or just everything to you, we really do want to know.

That said, have fun and post often! ^_^

- The Moderette.

Rules + Regulations

1. I wouldn't mind trying to keep this community active but...that doesn't mean you can go wildly off-topic. Keep it positive and woman-centric.

2. Anyone who deliberately offends or uses racist/homophobic/sexist/insulting language towards another member will be banned. No excuses. Ironically, we have zero tolerance for intolerance.

3. Ultra-long posts and more than one picture should be put under a lj-cut.

4. Advertise your own community by all means but make it your second purpose of posting. In other words, no mindless advertising. Even if it's relevent, if all you can say is 'join my community', I'll simply take it down. Tough but not hard to live with.

5. The Moderette appreciates all feedback and suggestions. Hell, she appreciates anykind of email. Heh. But seriously, don't hesitate to email her if you have something to ask or suggest.

6. And she most certainly will not hold it against you if you promote this community.

girlcrushes are love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

Oh, and one more thing, the background was taken from here and extensively edited by pseudodeity who is responsible for the oh-so-cute comment things + layout. *hugs* <3 <3 <3

And another thing, if you have a resolution above 1024 x 768, it will look weird but life looks weird sometimes too. *giggling*